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  • Fragrance Oils

    Just a few drops of these fragrance oils, used in a diffuser, an oil burner or simply added to dried flowers or to pot pourri, are all that's needed to create a subtle, long lasting aroma to create a lovely atmosphere thoughout your room.

  • Huiles de Parfums pour Bougies
  • Huiles de Parfum pour Savon
  • Essential Oils

    Essential Oils have been known about and used since the beginning of mankind for their scents, for use in cosmetics and their therapeutic properties. All of our essential oils are carefully selected and purchased at source by our supplier Ancient Wisdom, who test the purity of each product and establish regulatory strict control procedures

  • Massage Oils
  • Aromatherapy Base Oils

    Diluting essential oils in a base oil increases the penetratability of the essential oil when treating the full depth of the skin and through the capillaries to the whole body.

  • Oil Burners

    Our oil burners can be used for essential oils, fragrance oils or scented granules.

  • Incense

    Simply light an incense stick and wait for it's perfume to spread around your home. It's aroma is sumptuous and energising. It's aroma will fill your home and create a marvellousy unique atmosphere.

  • Porte Encens
  • Candles, Candle Holders

    Selection of candles, church candles, night lights, candle holders and candlesticks either for your own enjoyment or as gifts: Birthday, Wedding, Mother's Day, St Valentine's, Christmas.

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